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Chief Information Officer

Medium sized southeast Michigan global manufacturing company. Compensation: $160,000 plus 20% bonus.  
I have known and worked with Gary for many years. He is an extremely versatile and capable executive known for creativity, clear thinking, and exceptional people skills. Gary is adept at helping employers understand what the real critical success factors are for their open positions, and also helps candidates understand what positions they would be best suited for.
  ~ Michael Allie - Director, Claims Systems
Gary's professionalism and business acumen are strong reasons why I provide this endorsement. He has a proven track record of success. In addition to working with me, Gary has worked with business associates of mine with the same success. I highly recommend Gary and his team.
  ~ Charles Kaprelian - Manufacturing Practice Head at Wipro Technologies
I reported to Gary Erickson while he held the position of Director of IT with Vickers, Inc. Mr. Erickson was responsible for transition of the entire company's home-grown, mainframe (Unisys) applications to fully distributed, DEC-based, packaged software. He accomplished his assignment on-time, within budget, while delivering a high-quality IT product. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to work with Mr. Erickson.
  ~ Russel Schmidt - Owner, Alexsy Consulting Group LLC



In business for 11 years
Extensive nationwide networks
Nationwide reach
Strong technology background
Proven process
Long term relationships

Senior Consultant
SAP BW/BPC consultant
Chief Information Officer
Senior Project Manager SAP

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